Australian Hair & Scalp Foundation
 The Australian Hair and Scalp Foundation is an organisation that supports research within the Dermatology Departments of St Vincent's and Epworth Hospitals in Melbourne.

Contributions made to the AHSF will primarily be used to fund Hair Research and the development of a dedicated laboratory within the Dermatology Centre of Excellence – expected to open in 2011.

The new facility will enable practitioners to isolate and culture adult stem cells from hair follicles. The cells will be used for tissue engineering, hair follicle regeneration and cell therapy.

The AHSF is also a sponsor of the World Congress of Hair Research to be held in Cairns, Australia in 2010. The World Congress is held every three years and is the premier international forum for presentation of hair research

Established in 2005, the Foundation's members are each highly respected leaders in the field and together possess broad expertise that encompasses almost every aspect of hair and scalp biology together with treatment of related diseases.