Australian Hair & Scalp Foundation
 The Australian Hair and Scalp Foundation promotes research into hair biology and hair disease.

The leading centre for hair research in Australia is Sinclair Dermatology and led  by Professor Rod Sinclair.  Professor Sinclair is regarded as Australia's leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp.

Professor Sinclair has been engaged in hair and scalp research for over 20 years and has authored over 200 peer review publications in national and international scientific journals. Professor Sinclair serves on the editorial board of a number of leading international scientific dermatology journals and is a regular reviewer of scientific manuscripts

Professor Sinclair is based at Melbourne's Epworth Hospital, where he has a team of dedicated research scientists and clinicians working in the field of hair biology and treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp. 

Sinclair Dermatology also treats patients with hair loss and other scalp disorders in specialist clinics.  Professor Sinclair is supported by a team of expert clinical dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons and fibre scientists.

Professor Sinclair works with industry in a variety of forums.  He conducts clinical research trials investigating new treatments for hair loss and scalp diseases.  He also acts as a consultant to industry including organizations such as Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, L'Oreal, Shisheido and Kao Corporation.

The AHSF is established to support research conducted by Sinclair Dermatology and promote fundamental hair and scalp research in Australia.