Australian Hair & Scalp Foundation

Professor Sinclair is Honorary Professorial Fellow in Dermatology at the University of Melbourne, Director of Dermatology Services at St Vincent's Hospital and Director of Research and Training at the Skin and Cancer Foundation. He is Past President of the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria, Past President of the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society and President Elect of the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research.
Professor Sinclair is the co-author of the section on dermatology in the Oxford Textbook of Medicine and the chapter on Hair Disorders in Rook's Textbook of Dermatology. He has written 7 textbooks of dermatology, published over 150 research articles in scientific journals and contributed more than 50 chapters to multi-author medical textbooks. His research publications are principally in the fields of biology of the hair follicles and its related structures, regulation of hair growth, hair loss and the genetics of skin diseases.



Professor George Rogers is a leading Australian academic and scientist. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. He has had a very distinguished career in fundamental hair research. His work in the molecular structure of hair keratins and keratin associated proteins such as trichohyalin achieved international recognition. He has multiple publications in each of the major scientific journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science as well the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Professor Rogers is a past president of the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society and has held senior appointments with Adelaide University as well as Australian Government centres for cooperative hair research. Professor Rogers is attributed as having cloned Australia's first sheep Matilda.



Associate Professor Leslie Jones is a principal research scientist with the University of Melbourne and a leading Australian hair researcher. He is credited with the discovery of the ultra-fine fine lipid envelope that surrounds the emerging hair shaft. In addition he has developed methods for isolating and characterising the major structural units of hair;the so-called intermediate filaments. Professor Jones is also known nationally as an expert in structural biology of the hair and hair keratin production. Professor Jones' work has been widely published in the major international scientific journals.



Dr Richard Shiell is one of the worlds' leading hair transplant surgeons. He is acknowledged as the pioneer of minigrafts and micrografts. Dr Shiell led the field of new hair transplantation surgery by replacing the plugs to reconstruct a more natural hairline. He has conducted over 30,000 hair transplantation procedures during his career, presented his work at many international scientific meetings and edited the principal scientific journal of hair transplant surgeons, Hair Transplant, for a number of years. His work has been widely published nationally and internationally.



Dr Jack Green is a Consultant Dermatologist and Research Fellow at the Department of Dermatology, University of Melbourne, St.Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. He has an interest in the medical and surgical treatment of hair disorders and conducts research into hair disease, particularly in the area of genetics. His most significant research has been the discovery of the location of a gene causing pili annulati, a hair shaft disorder. He also attends the Hair Disorders Clinic at the Skin and Cancer Foundation. He is currently a committee member of the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society.